stalfosknt (stalfosknt) wrote,

Sunday afternoon. Joy!!

Yeah just another exciting day. Got a new file shareware program. Thanks to Kris. Kazaa the big spyware-virus it is has ruined me enough. So i have moved to to LimeWire. Happy so far. Easy, basic, and simple.

Been feeling the 'ghost toe' they warned me about. It's a very strange and weird feeling i find hard to describe. It's not like you feel the toe by feeling it up against the second toe. The nerves still go down to the void that used to be my big toe. To keep circulation going good i was told to wiggle (remaining, hehe) toes and move foot around 'like normal' while relaxing in bed. So i get this sensation from the wound that i can 'feel' the lower half of my toe. It's just weird. So now i can make plans to join the circus. hahaha
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